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How Do Herbal Vaporizers Work?

Herbal vaporizers are a type of electronic cigarette whereby a user may place an e-liquid or dry herbs into a compartment, and then switch the device on to allow heating to take place. Once heated, the device can emit liquid vapor for inhalation, made from the ingredients that went into the loading compartment often called the glass globe tank.

There are many different types of herbal vaporizer on the market, from those that are small enough to be held in the palm of the hand, right through to larger desk vaporizers that offer their own features and functions.

Although they may be different visually, the technologies that go into them are very similar – so here’s a closer look at how these types of devices work.

Activation of a Vape Pen

In order to turn a vaporizer on, the user must activate their device. This can be done with a button, or by using a switch (depending on the model). Some devices have safety features that allow them to automatically shut off when no longer in use, while others require manual input. In any event, once the device has been turned on – the internal heating components will receive energy.

Heating With Your Vaporizer

Inside each device is a chamber, often referred to as the heating chamber on a dry herb tank. This compartment will either be loaded with dry herbs, oils, or liquids – or it will be directly connected to the compartment that houses these ingredients. With smaller (and often cheaper) devices, the temperature that these chambers will reach is typically predefined. Other models allow the user to customize the heat however, allowing them to moderate the consistency or fineness of the vapor that is created.

Some devices also contain heating coils – although these are commonly referred to as atomizers, whereby instead of the ceramic or stainless steel interior of the chamber heating up; the coils will do so instead. In either case, the results are fairly similar and act to create vapor.


Once the heat has vaporized the liquid or herbal ingredients within the device, vapor will be created. This vapor will then travel along the internal tubing of the device, before entering the exit-component, often referred to as a mouthpiece. These mouthpieces are typically designed to incorporate a filter within them, allowing the vapor to only be emitted when a user inhales on the tubing itself.

Some mouthpieces resemble whistle tips, while others take on the form of tubing. All types allow the option for a user to inhale the vaporized particles that have been created as a result of super-heating – and as the heating takes place internally, there’s minimal concern over it transferring to the external parts of the device, minimizing the risk of burns in the process.

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