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How Reliable are Crowdsource Application Testers for Security Penetration Testing For Your Business Website?

In this day and age, ensuring that a companies’ website and online presence is safe and secure at all times can be a top priority for many business owners. With hackers being considered a constant threat to the security of a website, it’s no wonder why so many individuals are turning to the services offered by crowdsource application security testing platforms.

These platforms combine the capabilities of hackers with the potential of online technologies and the result is often the discovery of bugs and issues within websites that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. The testers themselves vary in experience and it is possible for beginners to attempt to offer their services, but if there’s one thing that website owners find themselves concerned about, it’s that they will be putting their sites and applications in the hands of potential hackers – the very people that they are hoping to protect their websites against.

Can these hackers be trusted?

There’s an old saying that ‘everyone has their price’ and in this situation, it can be perfectly applied to those with the skills and expertise of hackers. Where regular hackers practice their activities with the intention of harming a website’s infrastructure and data for their own gains, many do it simply because they enjoy causing a little bit of chaos.

White hat hackers on the other hand are those that prefer to put their skills to better uses – uses that many companies are willing to pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for. This cash potential is more than enough to sway the desires of even the most enthusiastic of hackers, so more and more are turning away from their negative activities in the hopes of earning cash, in return for identifying the same weaknesses that they may well have exploited in the past.

Not all ethical hackers will come from this type of background, in fact many are programmers and coders that have pursued professional careers and are now looking for another way to make some money. It’s these individuals that many businesses aspire to get behind their security endeavours – and fortunately, there are thousands online that use bug identification platforms to offer their services.

So, when asking how reliable these professional testers are it’s important to note that those that want to help will expect a form of compensation for their efforts. Whenever a business lists their URL on a bug-finding service’s website, they will be placing their site in a position where it can be evaluated by professionals in an attempt to discover weaknesses and flaws.

Once discovered, a website can then have further security measures implemented to help to better protect their site’s infrastructure – and this in itself is more than enough reason to consider hiring the services of a professional tester.

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