Safety Advice for Forklift Truck Maintenance

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Forklift Truck Maintenance Advice

Buying a forklift truck, whether you’ve opted to apply for finance, or cover the costs in their entirety yourself, should never be a spur of the moment decision. Not only are there hundreds of different makes and models to choose from; some offer unique traits while others are a little more focussed on providing a broader range of features.

One thing that they will all share in common however is the need to maintain them. From ensuring that the batteries are fully charged and transferring energy efficiently, right through to checking the hydraulics and tyre pressure; failure to maintain your forklift truck can result in extensive damage and may even pose a risk to life in extreme circumstances.

Checking the battery

Unlike regular car power cells, forklift batteries typically boast a much higher power. As a result it’s advisable to seek professional help when attempting to evaluate the condition of the battery. Most mechanics will understand the ins and outs of these types of power sources and these are the specialists that should be contacted when checking the energy remaining within the unit, performing maintenance or when a replacement might be necessary.

Tyre Pressure

The majority of forklifts will rely on four wheel drive and although many people consider most of the pressure to be on the suspension and drive motors; it’s always worth thinking about the tyres as well. Over time the rubber can wear away, especially if your truck is carrying very heavy weight frequently. Checking the tyre pressure can be done with a foot pump, or with the aid of a mechanic.

Evaluating the hydraulics

Most trucks will utilise hydraulic pressure to lift and carry their loads. Hydraulic components rely on gas and over time, this composition can begin to deplete resulting in reduced strength. If you’ve noticed that your truck isn’t performing quite as well as it used to when lifting, or if you suddenly detect a strange sound when using the fork attachment – this can be the first sign of hydraulic decomposition.

Managing the exterior

With so many internal components to stay on top of it can be easy to overlook the exterior aesthetics of a truck. Some companies prefer to match the colour of their forklifts with the theme of their business while others may have received their truck under finance and are responsible for its physical appearance. In any event, these vehicles use the same paint and materials as regular cars and so cleaning and polishing can take place in much the same way.

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