Can White Hat SEO Work With Linkedin Marketing

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What is White Hat SEO and How Does it Relate To LinkedIn Marketing?

You might have heard about SEO, or search engine optimisation recently and found yourself wondering what it is and what it involves and how it can help you grow your business along with your other social media strategies like Facebook or LinkedIn marketing.

In a nutshell, this form of online optimisation is the act of enhancing the presence and visibility of a website on search engines, using a range of techniques and strategies that can help to improve its visibility, so instead of reaching out as with Facebook or LinkedIn, it is a pull marketing strategy.

In the past this technique was fairly straight forward and when people learnt about what search engines like Google did to distinguish between websites, all of a sudden thousands of people started to exploit the loopholes. This method used to work, in fact it was how so many people ranked their sites as highly as possible, even if their products and services were completely irrelevant.

Can White Hat SEO Work With Linkedin Marketing

It used to be as simple as picking a keyword, spamming thousands of links from other sites and then sitting back as Google read the links, considered the site an authority website and then allowed it to fly up the ranks. But once the search giant grew wise to these tricks, they really upped their game and all offending websites quickly found themselves on the receiving end of a penalty notice.

Many more were delisted completely and that’s why many experts make a point of practicing what most refer to as White Hat SEO.

What is White Hat Search Engine Optimisation?

Well, the easiest way to understand the term is to understand that it’s the polar opposite to the unsavoury technique of black hat optimisation (see? That term doesn’t even deserve capital letters!)

Where the dark alternative relies on tricks and unsavoury practices to help a website to rank online, the lighter and more preferred method relies on strategies and techniques that work within the guidelines of search engines. For example, where the older trick relied on thousands of spam links, the new one can be done by using healthy, relevant websites to link to and from.

Furthermore, engines like Google love content and this is why we recommend that our clients install active blogs within their websites, as this can help to demonstrate to search engines that the site in question is frequently updated and relevant. We rely on some of the most advanced techniques in the world; all of which are much safer to use than their unwanted alternatives.

Using these methods, our team of SEO experts in Adelaide are able to take a target website, help it to develop a reliable reputation and then nurture it as Google, Bing and Yahoo see how relevant the site is to its niche and then propel it through the search results to say thanks.

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