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Four Uses of Adhesive Vinyl That You Can Buy on Amazon

Vinyl is one of the most durably versatile crafting materials out there. Due to its weather resistant nature it’s often used to decorate work vehicles and when properly looked after, it can last for years. Other uses include crafting, and as the material can be printed in a variety of colours, there’s no limit on just how creative you can get as you can see if you look at adhesive vinyl Amazon listings.

Crafting with kids
Here are four ideas to help you to use your vinyl to its fullest potential – you might even find a few sources of inspiration in the process!

One of the most common uses of adhesive vinyl (the likes of which you’ll often find in the crafting corner of a store) is decoration. Once the sticky backing has been peeled off, the material will need to be stuck on to an object or item – but before then, there are all manner of shapes that can be cut out of a single sheet.

Creating stylish wall spaces

As most sheets will be available in particular sizes (typically A5, A4 and even A3), it can be a pretty enjoyable task to use them to cover flat surfaces and walls. Rather than painting a surface, you could always introduce an exciting array of colours and patterns instead. For a really unique looking wall, you could always cut a selection of exciting shapes, or opt for vinyl that has been patterned to resemble specific textures (such as wood grain).

Waterproofing surfaces

Vinyl is weather resistant – and when applied properly it can be entirely waterproof, too. Although the adhesive back side of the sheet might not last when exposed to water consistently, there’s nothing to say that you can’t layer your sheets in a way that adds a little extra protection from splashes. This can make it perfect for use in kitchens and even bathrooms; as long as you’re careful when applying each sheet.


As vinyl can be printed in regular hues as well as neon and metallic, the potential to decorate any number of items is very appealing indeed. Many people buy sheets, cut to shape and then to apply to bags, hats and even sunglasses. The great thing about vinyl is that its naturally glossy appearance can add style and elegance to any item that it’s added to. As it is also a very resilient material, it will be able to bend and contort to fit its application – and once applied, even the most extensive efforts won’t do much to remove the sticky material from its position.

These are just a few ideas to get you started with your crafting projects. You could even place sheets on walls and then use temporary markers to draw on them with kids – due to their glossy surface, they can actually be wiped clean with a sponge or a cloth to allow repeat use!

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