How Important is a Criminal Lawyer’s Success Rate?

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How Important is a Criminal Lawyer’s Success Rate?

Within the court setting there will typically be two warring parties; especially outside of county courts. The first party is commonly referred to as the prosecution, and it will be the job of any defense attorney on this side of the fence to prove that the alleged criminal is in fact guilty for the crimes that they have been charged for.

On the opposite side of the coin are the lawyers that will instead focus on defending their client; either with the intention of proving them innocent, or by negotiating sentencing terms and conditions. If an alleged criminal cannot afford to pay for their own lawyer, then one will be issued to them, and paid for by the local authority.

Although these experts are very well-versed at their jobs, they are often far more inexperienced than their agency counterparts. Law firms strive to hire only the most highly qualified and proven attorneys, and so paying for one to defend or prosecute can offer far more substantial results than taking on the services of a county provider.

How do lawyers calculate their capabilities?

One of the first things that any client should ask their potential legal expert is their rate of success. Although it won’t be possible to defend a guilty party and allow them to get away with a crime, it is still deemed a success if the attorney is able to negotiate fairer terms than if their services weren’t hired.

As a result, many legal bodies calculate the capabilities of a lawyer on their success rate, in percentage format. For example:

If a lawyer has undertaken 25 cases whilst acting on the side of the prosecution, and in 20 of those cases the defendant was convicted, then they will be deemed to possess a success rate of 80% (20 out of 25 successful convictions). If they acted on behalf of the defendant in 25 cases with 20 of those cases resulting in no conviction, or a reduced sentence, then the expert would be deemed to possess a success rate of 80% as a defender.

It’s these numbers that mean the most to those looking to hire an attorney, whether they are hoping to prosecute an individual, or defend themselves in a court of law. In either event, paying careful attention to the attorney’s success rate can make a lot of difference – with those that boast a higher percentage being more expensive than those without much success. Although there’s no sure-fire way to guarantee that a case will be successful (as both the judge and jury will be third parties), statistically speaking those that hire attorneys are far more likely to witness the type of results that they are looking for.

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