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The Benefits of Cleaning The Funk Out of Your Hockey Equipment May Be Greater Than You Realise

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Written by The Gamer

The Benefits of Cleaning The Funk Out of Your Hockey Gear Frequently

From field hockey to the ice alternative it’s no secret that hockey gear can be exposed to all manner of elements – and if not looked after properly, things can soon start to deteriorate, especially during the Canadian summers of Edmonton, Alberta. Although it won’t be possible to keep all scratches and scrapes out of equipment, there’s really no reason why a professional team of hockey gear cleaners couldn’t have things looking as good as new with minimal fuss.

What types of damage can affect hockey accessories?

If there’s one thing that hockey equipment cleaners will specialise in, it’s removing debris and dirt from sticks, helmets and protective gear. As these items most commonly deal with damage from impacts, it’s not uncommon for chips and dents to occur – and although not technically cleaning, it is still possible to have these issues repaired and taken care of.

There are some marks that might simply refuse to come out, even with extensive cleaning by the owner, but as most cleaning agencies will have access to industrial grade chemicals and resources, even these events can be treated. Without the proper care, aesthetics can begin to deteriorate and it won’t be long until an instantly recognisable helmet may soon require a fresh paint job; or even a replacement.

There’s more than just aesthetic properties however

Making sure that a helmet, stick, boots, or protective pads look the part is only half of the concern; the rest relates to ensuring the integrity of the accessories themselves. If severe damage occurs, then the gear’s owner may think that everything’s okay – only to discover that the equipment fails when it’s most needed. In extreme instances this can even be fatal, especially where sticks and helmets are concerned.

This is why it’s so important to ensure that all gear is maintained, cleaned and evaluated as frequently as possible. Anything less than this can have severe consequences, regardless of whether the equipment is being used for leisure, on an amateur level, or for professional events. Not only can a clean set of gear look great out there on the field; it can also offer a substantial amount of protection and functionality.

How long should it take to clean gear properly?

This will all depend on the type of issue that needs treating, as well as any damage that may be present. In most cases, an expert will be able to have a set of equipment back with its owner in a matter of days, or even hours. In extreme circumstances however, a little longer may be required – but considering the low cost of cleaning compared to buying a brand new set of accessories, it makes much more sense to wait and have the equipment returned to a functional condition.

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