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Wildest Celebrity Moments of 2014 (DHR), Biggest WTF Moments 2014 ►► http://youtu.be/c8tXlcjW2e4
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On a very special year end edition of the Daily Hollywood Rundown, Misty & Erin talk about some of the biggest and wildest moments of the year including Iggy Azalea, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and more.

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  • I cry because just imagine being with Taylor in her house just hanging out
    like omg I would die from happiness

  • I love watching you all! I literally stalk this YouTube page just so I can
    make sure a see a new video

  • I can’t decide on only one moment. For me, every time 5 Seconds of Summer
    got an award or played a huge show was v special. The release of their
    debut album, reaching billboards #1, the leak of Calums nudes and so on.
    All the amazing and less cool things that happened mean so much to me and
    I’ll keep all of them in mind ❤

  • I wish this brat JB would disappear and finish in 2015 I’m really sick of
    him what a waste of talent he is so immature and stupid and in need for a
    life lessons about how to be respected man

  • For me one of the best moments was Taylor Swift one upping everyone in the
    music industry, like petition for her next album to be Slaylor!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And I really hope 2015 is the year for Larry Stylinson to go public. Say
    what you want but Larry is real, none of my guy friends “mess around” the
    way that they do I know Larry is real #LarryAF 

  • I remember when the real (yes real) justin bieber commented on pewdiepies
    video calling him a whore than everybody called him a whore lol

  • These aren’t really celebrities, more like youtubers, but two moments were
    Luke and Emma announcing that they had been dating for over a year (which
    made me cry) and also BriBry and Candice’s wedding (which also made me cry)

  • Taylor Swift deserved it, she’s like the only celebrity that doesn’t
    promote sex and swearing

  • In my opinion 5 Seconds of Summer had a huge breakthrough. They’ve
    performed at some of the biggest stadiums in the world and have won soooo
    many awards, and for all of their haters, how many times have the biggest
    band on the planet asked you to go on tour with them? :-)

  • I’ll probably get hate for this, but what you were saying about kendall
    jenner – I don’t really think being born with beautiful genes and into a
    very privileged family is a ‘talent’. Is being pretty, thin and rich a
    talent? I don’t know.

    THIS YEAR?! REALLY?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

  • I love 2014 because Ariana grande broke free and rised up like the sun,she
    is totally my everything and if she goes down that is gonna be my Problem

  • Taylor Swift is really amazing. Words are not enough to describe her. 2014
    is really the year of Taylor Nation.